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Can anybody helpme?


Can anybody helpme?

Hello teachers! 

I need a game to teach prepositions my Ss are in sixth grade, what will be appropriate for them? 

 right now I ´m out of ideas Cry

26 Feb 2009      


Hi Bella

Have a look   HERE   Smile

26 Feb 2009     


Thank you Tere! Sleepy

26 Feb 2009     


Hi Bella,
You can tell them to bring to classes some small balls as well as plastic bowls. Then then can put the balls, in, on, under, between...etc. Then they can be in groups of 3 where 2 students have to turn round while the remaining one has to place his/her ball. Then both have to guess where the ball is. Is it in the bowl? Is it next to the bowl?. They get fun! believe I did it with 10-12 years old children!!!

26 Feb 2009     


Hi Bella,
I did something similar to Dayana. I took a bag of stuff into the class. Cuddly toys, animals even little figures of the Bayern Munich football team (belonging to my sons) and other stuff in the classroom. I set up a table at the front of the class and I did not say anything I just set up a few things on the table and the children had to write down the sentence to go with it.
e.g. The book is between the elephant and Oliver Kahn... (he was the goalie.. he he) We ended up with some very strange sentences but it was great fun.
I love anything that makes the kids laugh a bit, and this did.
Just enjoy yourself and they will too. Take care. Yeti xxxx

26 Feb 2009     


The greatest fun the ss have is when you use TPR (total physical response), i.e. movement. I introduce a rhyme:
Next to, under, next to, on,
Next to, in front of, next to, behind,
Next to, up, next to, down,
Next to, out, next to, in.

next to
- hands on both sides of the face (where the ears are)
under - under the chin
out - palms turning away from the head
in - fingers IN the mouth, as if gagged

Also, play it as a listening activity. First introduce two preps (on, under) where they put their hands on the head and then under the chin. Go faster and faster. Make them make a mistake and go, Awwwww, Ana gets an "O". (from O-U-T) Then introduce two more and repeat.
On! Under! On! Under! In! In!
When they have had enough practice make them close their eyes that would enhance the learning. They won ´t ´copy ´ from their friends, but rely on themselves.

26 Feb 2009