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ESL forum > Ask for help > Question- Japanese font    

Question- Japanese font

United States

Question- Japanese font
I īm relatively new to the site, and I īve already uploaded a worksheet that I made, but on the preview I can īt see the Japanese characters (they read as boxes). I have other worksheets I īd like to upload, but am worried that people who want to use them will get a worksheet with boxes instead of instructions. Since I īm teaching in Japan, I find it helpful to put the instructions in Japanese, but I am wondering if someone downloads one of my worksheets, are they able to see the Japanese font (providing, of course, they have the software on their computer to read it) or does something happen when I upload them to corrupt the font? Thank you for your help.

26 Feb 2009      


I am working in japan too.... I know what you mean.... but most computers will not have the japanese font installed... and some programs will display the fonts as a bunch of weird symbols or it  some message will come up asking if you would like to download a japanese font.... If you really want to use a japanese font in your uploads you should make the text into a jpeg image....

26 Feb 2009     


Dear artistitect,
we usually upload wss which are only in English. What īs more, in the rules you can read the following:
"We only accept ESL resources written in English language."


So, I don īt see the need of including japanese characters if you have to write everything in English.

26 Feb 2009     


I have Japanese characters and use Japanese characters on my computer.  When downloading various sheets from other sites, I can read them easily.  From this site, I īm not so sure.  But, a good question was posed from the previous responder.  Get your students to understand simple instructions in English.  When I teach Japanese to Canadian students I use simple, simple instructions in Japanese.  After repeated usage they will understand.  You can of course explain the instructions to them in Japanese, then switch to English,  In that way they will associate the two different languages as the same instructions. かんたんですね。See if you can read that.

26 Feb 2009     


Hello there, as damielle said you should upload only wss in english, the site its design for teachers looking for english material. not many people intall the japanese font in their computers, それでページを変わて下さいい。頑張ってくさだい。

26 Feb 2009