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Spammers you are not welcome !
Here we share information,
True one, not spam, not nonsense !
Spammers go to Hell !
I am just trying to stay polite
And you ARE an actual pain in the nexk
Something boring and we are bored !
Bored of your trying to steal us money
And to sell us things we do not need !
The Devil will actually be happy to welcome you
With your burning news
With your lies and artefacts
With your pitiless obstination
To spoil useful sites like this one.
Go wherever you want ! Exxept here !
We are not looking for things to buy
But for things to share
We are looking for our students ´ success
And improvement not for your items.
Here the articles are grammatical
The selling is to explain the action to sell
And the buying is to foretell future good marks !
So spammers forget us
Forget to spoit this site
Forget to bore us
Go to Hell
Visit Satan and his bad intentions :
This lovely character is looking forward to
Your next visit !
Farewell spammers
Please lose yourself
In your own labyrinth
Of boredom and nonsense
Of pitiless avidity !

3 Jan 2016