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ESL forum > Ask for help > H E L P my dear French colleagues or dear NATIF speakers    

H E L P my dear French colleagues or dear NATIF speakers


H E L P my dear French colleagues or dear NATIF speakers
I feel a bit embarrassed. I was asked to translate the follwing into English. I am not a native speaker (unfortunately) and not used to texts aimed at selling products. In this case ALEP soap liquid. I made my own translation but don ´t find it very convincing. I was wondering if anyone could help me ?
Thanks in advance.

Un très vieil arbre,

Symbole de toute la méditerranée ;

Des branches pour honorer

Les vainqueurs ;

Un petit fruit, symbole de paix ;

Une huile sacrée

Dans plusieurs civilisations de l ´antiquité ;

Une base alimentaire

Et culturelle qui a traversé

L ´histoire de plusieurs empires ;

Des propriétés naturelles

Exceptionnelles :

L ´huile d ´olive vierge


Des voyages,

Une rencontre,

Un vrai savoir-faire,

Une volonté,

Un enthousiasme

Voilà la naisance d ´une gamme

De savon 100% olive vierge

27 Jan 2016      

United Kingdom

I ´ll have a go!
A very old tree
Symbol of the whole Mediterranean (or ´symbolising ´. English might prefer a verb)
(With branches...) Branches to honour winners,
A small fruit, the symbol of peace.
A sacred oil in several ancient civilisations,
A basic cultural food/ A cultural and food basic (une base alimentaire et culturelle ´ is difficult...I ´m still thinking)
Which has passed through/come down through ( or ´traversed ´... this word is poetic) the history
of several empires. 
Exceptional natural properties:
Virgin olive oil.
A meeting,
A real savoir-faire
A desire
An enthusiasm
That ´s how the range of 100% virgin olive soap was born.  
Here ´s a basic translation, Monique. Hopefully you ´ll get some input from some French members.

27 Jan 2016     


Oh Lynne Thank you so much for your precious help. You are divine ! Bless this site and you altogether. HUgs

27 Jan 2016     

United States

Maybe "a foundation of food and culture" or "a food an cultural foundation", or something like that?

27 Jan 2016     

maryse peyé

Maybe a little more poetic version ?
Such an Ancient Tree
Such a Mediterranean Symbol
Its branches to honor
The Very winners ;
Such a small fruit, The very Symbol for Peace ;
Such a sacred oïl
In so many Ancient Civilisations ;
Such a rooted basis for food
Such a rooted basis for culture to cross till us
The very History of so many Empires ;
So many natural properties
Such a unique character :
Only answer Virgin Olive OIL.
Travels through its gold
An only try to convince
The truth of the Know-How
A deep persuasive power
A subtle and noble enthusiasm
Just choose your 100% Virgin-Olive-Oiled soap within a new-born range of divine treats.
Do you like this idea ? May it be a little more convincing ?

27 Jan 2016     


A thousand THANKS for your precious help ! Monique

27 Jan 2016