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Help with Italian and Spanish


Help with Italian and Spanish
Hello everyone!
Not sure this is the right place to post such a request.  I discovered Duolingo three weeks ago and am really addicted.  This amazing app got me hooked badly.  Available on both iOS and Android as well as a web platform.  You guys should give it a try.  Great as well for your students!  Here ´s my request: I would like to practice both languages with native speakers of Italian and Spanish (should have plenty of you guys out there..).  As for Spanish, I don ´t have any preferences.  I mean you could be from anywhere in South America.  I might be a bit more familiar with Mexican Spanish but I can manage.  Parlo Italiano bene, l ´ho studiato dieci anni fa e il padre de la mia ragazza e Italiano.  Estudié Espanol tambien cuando era un estudiante.  Hope to find someone interested in helping.  In exchange, I could maybe teach you French or help you improve your English skills. You can reply to this topic or  private message me.  Thanks! 

28 Jan 2016      


uhmm it sounds interesting. I am from Peru. I am a native Spanish Speaker.
I would liek to know if Duolingo offers Certificates of Profiency in English like an FCE exam.

29 Jan 2016     


I know they offer certifications but I think you have to pay.

29 Jan 2016