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[email protected]

Hi. Could u help me with this? Although the weather was awful, they had a great time In spite of...... In spite of the awful weather, they had a great time That is the answer I expected, but a student wrote in spite of being an awful weather, they had a great time I know in spite of is followed by noun, or -ing., but I don t know in this example. Another rewrite we did was in spite of being very old, he managed to... Thanks a lot

11 Feb 2016      


I think you could say "In spite of the weather being awful" but it sounds a bit akward maybe...

11 Feb 2016     

United States

The "being" needs a subject. as the student wrote it, it is saying that "they" were awful weather, so that doesn t work. Another example of that would be "In spite of being hungry, they had to wait two hours for dinner." Also, "weather" isn t countable, so we don t use "a" with it.
Your expected answer of "In spite of the awful weather, they had a good time" works, and Steph s suggestion works, too.

11 Feb 2016     

[email protected]

Thank you very much Steph and Bruce

11 Feb 2016