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Downloading worksheets


Downloading worksheets
Is there another was to download worksheets like paying a fee for doing that for instance?
Unfortunately I don ´t have time to create worksheets but I need some teaching material.

24 Mar 2016      

maryse peyé

Sorry but there is no other way to download worksheets that sharing our work.
I am sure you have got some or your documents archived in your computer and that you can upload here, haven ´t you ?
The challenge here is not only to share but to enjoy improving through this free sharing.
I am the very 1st to awfully lack free time but I am so glad to create that I spend a few time each day to do something for this wonderful site.
Once you have ´tasted" it you become addict to it !
Just try !

24 Mar 2016     

Mariethe House

Dear Georgiana
What Maryse says is perfectly right . However if you need worksheets and to help you started on this sharing site, I am quite willing to download a few ws for you and send them through email if you will give me your mail address. Send me a pm.
There are some good tutorials here to help you create worksheets and You should give it a try
Here ´s one link that ccould be useful:
And another one:

Good luck

24 Mar 2016     

Czech Republic

Dear Georgiana,
This site has its own rules and every member should comply with them. Nevertheless, there are also some great sites offering brilliant and great worksheets if you buy their membership. For example, this one or that one. I don’t want to drive you off , just help you.

25 Mar 2016     


Try this link, busyTeacher.org

25 Mar 2016     

United Kingdom

-Also islcollective

26 Mar 2016