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gifted students


gifted students
Hi people,
we have a few very gifted students in our school, age 15-16, and was asked to make an English language workshop (3 hours long) for them.
Any ideas/topics/worksheets that I can use?
I have never done this before...I was thinking some vocabulary exercises, word formation worksheets, phrasal verbs/collocations - but all on the same topic - something like that. Would that be okay?
Grateful in advance for any ideas and help.

9 Apr 2016      


Maybe you could form two groups and organize a debate. Give them two hours and a half to prepare by looking through any materials needed to defend their position and half an hour for the debate itself. Or something like that.
Before introducing the idea of the debate you could do a reading on the topic (whichever topic you choose), but not  a text that gives an opinion already.
Possible topics: legalizing marijuana, importance or lack of importance od education (or anything else), paying/avoiding taxes etc. There are many. Hope this helps, at least a little bit. 

10 Apr 2016     

class centre

I like to offer my students a ridiculous topic like " There īs no sence in doing homework", You can live happily without money, The best thing to do is doing nothing... etc..Then one group is supposed to defend the positive opinion and the other - the negative. So much fun and discusion! Give it a try...

11 Apr 2016