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ESL forum > Ask for help > Anyone got any lesson ideas for a theme of clothes?    

Anyone got any lesson ideas for a theme of clothes?


Anyone got any lesson ideas for a theme of clothes?

Hi all

I am in teaching practice and Am preparing a weeks theme on clothes.
The children are 9-10years old.
Any suggestions much appreciated   

11 Apr 2016      


First session:
1.- Introduce the new vocabulary about clothes and the question:  What s she // he wearing? Use flashcards or book pictures.
 2.- Use chairs and kids standing up on them in turns as mannequies (Ask questions to the class about the clothes they are wearing)
Second session:
3.- Time for fun. Pupils dress up with costumes or the clothes they like and make a "CATWALK" in the middle of the class with the chairs surrounding it as "the audience".
4.- In turns, the "speaker" describe one or two of the costumes (one of a girl and the other of a boy)

NOTE: Review Colours and Shapes too, and use them in the descriptions.

Shes wearing a yellow skirt with red stars.

12 Apr 2016     


I ve got a picture packet I ve been using for years and it s always been wonderfully popular with students. 
I cut clothing sample pictures from fashion magazines, put them on construction paper, and laminated them. Then put the name of the clothing on separate slip of paper, and laminated that. They are all mixed up and the group works together to share their knowledge to match picture with name.  I ve got probably 50 pictures, easily.  Without exception, the students always take out their phones and snap pictures of the finished product.
There s a few things that cause occasional confusion -- the difference between a blouse and a shirt, the difference between a dress and a ballgown, the difference between a suit and a tuxedo, the difference between a shirt and a t-shirt.  But generally, I can ask the questions necessary to make them describe the differences, then elicit the correct answer from them after helping them figure it out for themselves.  

13 Apr 2016