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Rhyming words


Rhyming words
Are hence and difference rhyming words?

26 Apr 2016      


I suppose no.
The reason is behind the stress and the number of syllables which is not the same in hence and difference.
Hence - fence, hence - chance, hence - glance - that ´s what you can rhyme with "hence".

26 Apr 2016     

alien boy

For them to rhyme, you ´d have to pronounce the final ´ence ´ in difference the same way you do for for hence. You can force it as an artistic contrivance (as was often done in Elizabethan poetry, for example), but it would not sound like natural English to the majority of native speakers.


hence: hɛns
difference:  ˈdɪf(ə)r(ə)ns
The Wikipedia entry for rhyme is very good at describing all the different understandings of what constitutes a rhyme
Daria, to me neither ´chance´ (tʃɑːns) nor ´glance´ (ɡlɑːns) would rhyme with  ´hence´ (hɛns)
Some words that may rhyme with hence, depending on your accent, would be sense, cents, pence, tense, tents, fence
Here ´s a site that apparently specialises in rhyme: http://www.rhymezone.com/?loc=bar
You should be able to explore many alternatives using it!

Edit: here´s another interesting site specialising in pronunciation http://www.dictiome.com/

I haven´t thoroughly explored it yet, but I intend to soon!

26 Apr 2016     


I don ´t believe hence rhymes with chance or glance either. 

29 Apr 2016