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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > Bath or bathe    

Bath or bathe

ikram jeseen
Sri Lanka

Bath or bathe
Please help me know the most appropriate usage of these two sentences. (A) I bath everyday (B) I bathe everyday I urgently want to get it clarified for my students. Please send your clarification to me asap.

29 Apr 2016      


"Bath" is a noun. I have a bath every day. 
"Bathe" is a verb meaning to immerse yourself in water. It can be used when you mean "have a bath" but in my opinion it usually implies swimming rather than washing. I love to bathe in the river.
"Bathe" can also be used with a direct object. You should bathe the wound to avoid infection. 
Note that "bathe" loses the final e when a suffix is added - I enjoy bathing in the sea.
I would use "bath" as a verb when discussing washing a baby. We must bath the baby tonight. This could just be a British thing, though.
"Bath" and "bathe" are often misused, even by native speakers (like "breath" and "breathe") so don īt necessarily trust an online source! 

29 Apr 2016     

United States

I say we have to give the baby a bath or it is bath time.

29 Apr 2016     

United States

Also, it should be "every day" (adverb), not "everyday" (adjective). They are very different, although many people in the US make the same mistake.

29 Apr 2016