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Absolute beginners

Russian Federation

Absolute beginners
Hi there! I have a group of 15 (almost absolute) beginners (aged 24-45) who have studied some English before but there is no system in their knowledge. Most of them are engineers and  technicians, They are supposed to pass KET in 5 weeks, We have 6 hours of English per day except Sunday. Short time, great ambitions.  Any advice? Thanks a lot in advance!!

20 May 2016      

United States

Do they know the Bible or Quran or any prayers that they have memorized in their mother tongue?
If so, they can save a lot of time by not having to look up vocabulary in a dictionary by reading or listening to English translations of familiar Bible stories (or other religious texts).  If your students are not religious, short texts such as Aesop īs fables can be helpful because they are most likely already familiar in their mother tongue. 

20 May 2016     

United Kingdom

Great advice from Mary.
If they have access to the internet, newsinlevels is a great site. They can get the gist of the news items by reading level 1 articles and there is usually a video clip for each story. A ītest your level of English ī  pops up and that is at word level. I use this site a lot with my students and I ask them to read 3 reports of their choice and answer the īwh ī words - just with single words, insofar as they can. There used to be a level 0 on this site, with just 5 key words attached to each item. Does anyone know if it can still be accessed, or have I mixed this up with a different site?

21 May 2016     


I donīt know much about KET but I have some suggestions that might help you plan your program
1. How to teach Cambridge English: Key (KET) (Iīve done several of these courses and they are excellent)

5. This copy of the beginner section of a syllabus that I found on the internet many years ago (It īs not available online any more). I think KET is A2.

21 May 2016     


Thank you Jayho FOR your post

22 May 2016     


I īm a teacher of English for beginners. I posted some exercises. Have a look.

I hope it can help your students to progress on basic English.

Silvana Sousa 

24 May 2016     

Russian Federation

Thank you so much dear friends!! You are really great!!

24 May 2016