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Help for advanced students

Costa Rica

Help for advanced students
Hi everyone. I really need help on something. I have two students that are really advanced. Unfortunately, the institute that I work for doesn īt have an established program for them.. Every week I have to look for something to give them. I need the most advanced stuff I can find. I will download anything you have that is advanced enough to challenge them. I have lots of points. Please, post links to any worksheets that can help me...

26 May 2016      


Hi Paul,
I don īt have a lot of material for advanced students, at least that advanced but I can give you the link to a blog where you can find hundreds of free legal downloadable books for the learning of English.
Since the variety is enormous, I īm sure you īll find something to suit your students ī needs.

26 May 2016     


Hi again!
If you use the search engine here at eslprintables and write "advanced students", lots of materials will appear so I think that between that blog and here, you īll find what you need. 

26 May 2016     


You could teach phrasal verbs and the sequence of verbs. I have a worksheet that shows how you sometimes can use two tenses for the same thing: http://www.eslprintables.com/grammar_worksheets/verbs/verb_tenses/simple_past/At_Grandpa_s_House_Used_to_w_629502/#thetop
Another option is YouTube lectures and so on, especially TedTalks. I made up a worksheet for a couple online videos: http://www.eslprintables.com/printable.asp?id=815440#thetop
You can also teach various registers of language. Look up the Five Clocks of English. I made a worksheet introducing the topic: http://www.eslprintables.com/speaking_worksheets/conversation/Introducing_Formal_Informal_La_636714/#thetop
You might also teach them language by functions, so that they can see how many different ways there are of saying the same thing: 



acceding to a request




asking for a favor

asking for help

asking for information (personal or otherwise)

asking for instructions or help


being imprecise or vague

contrasting ideas


demanding explanations

describing actions

describing experiences

describing habits/routines

discussing interests and hobbies

enquiring (about prices or features of a product, etc.)

expressing a personal point of view

expressing a wish

expressing cause and result

expressing likes/dislikes

giving advice

giving information

giving instructions

giving warning



making complaints

making suggestions

making suggestions/proposing


offering (help, etc.)







saying “no” nicely

showing preferences

stating position/destination


talking about the past


In a pinch, you can go to BBC English or RealEnglish. Though they claim to be beginning and intermediate, frequently, real language is more advanced. 

26 May 2016     


This user uploaded an advanced test. It īs in today īs free downloads.  http://www.eslprintables.com/printable.asp?id=872899#thetop

26 May 2016     

United Kingdom

What about the īpicture based discussion ī series on here? Get your students to debate the pros and cons. Here īs an example. Or else, newspaper reports and ask the students to summarise the article.

27 May 2016     

United States

I have a few suggestions, however I am not sure about the age of your student. If the student is not feeling challenged enough, then maybe you could have them work independently on a larger project, such as an essay or presentation? 
Have you tried the newsela website? You can print hundreds of current event articles with comprehension questions (if you register a valid school ID email you can get the answer key as well). Also, you could have the student listen to National Public Radio and create a presentation on a topic of interest. 

27 May 2016     

Hong Kong

I also recommend Newsela. You may also want to try ThinkCERCA too. The materials on Newsela are graded while on ThinkCERA they are authentic readings.

28 May 2016