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ESL forum > Ask for help > No Monster-alphabet?    

No Monster-alphabet?

Kirsten Mikkelsen

No Monster-alphabet?
From Denmark, July 9th
I recently joined ESLprintables and I have started a "project" to upload (alost) everything I have made myself.
Just the other day I started uploading my home-made "Monster Alphabet", starting with the page "A", obviously.
The page has been removed, as it was said "It is only clipart, not an ESL resource". But it is a flash-card, and contains an introduction to the monster starting with the letter in the alphabet. (A is Amphisbaena, the snake with a head in bothe ends, B is for Basilisk, and so forth.) Each letter-page contains a short description and a sentence to read about the monster.
How can this be judged "not an ESL ressource"?
I share because I hope that others can have use of my works, and I gain nothing from this - so it doesn īt matter as such if the Monster Alphabet is no good. I write this plea for help, partially because I do not understand the complaint, and partly because I know many who have had great joy from this alphabet. I even had positive feedback here before it was removed.
Please help, as I still think that the alphabet is a potential success in many classrooms.
Regards from mrs. Kirsten Mikkelsen 

9 Jul 2016      


Hi Kirsten
I didnīt notice your contribution when it was available. By reading your post I couldnīt understand if you had uploaded only the first letter īAī or more. If there was only one card itīs not a surprise it was reported and removed, sorry for saying that.
You should follow this rule of the site:  
Single flashcards (a document with a single picture) are not allowed. There must be at least four flashcards in the same document for it to be considered a flashcard set and be accepted. 
Hope it helps,

Edit: I should understand there was only one page uploaded. But the tip stays the same. Good luck!

9 Jul 2016     

Kirsten Mikkelsen

Hello Kohai
Here I was, thinking I had read all the rules. Obviously not.
So what you are saying is, that if I make documents of, say, A-B-C-D as one dcument, four pages, it should work?
Thanks for the advice, I īll se if I can do this. 
Regards from Kirsten 

9 Jul 2016     


Hi Kirsten once more!
You are very welcome! Glad to help.
Yes, at least 4 flashcards in a set must be accepted! If you care of downloadersī convenience there should be more (alike in the parts of your Big Dominoes) but thatīs up to you.
Best wishes,

9 Jul 2016