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Stories for kindergarten


Stories for kindergarten
I īve surfed the internet looking for stories for kindergarden (kids 3-6 years old) but I can īt find pictures. I usually take 5-6 pieces of paper, each one representing a scene and tell the stoy by myself. Have you found any website where I can download those type of big pictures?
Thanks in advanced for your help.
By the way, I would be wiling to send my stories to you if you send yours to me. I cannot upload them here because the maximum size of files is 1MB and my stories (story cards or story flashcards, I don īt know how to call them) are bigger than that.

18 Sep 2016      

United States

I don īt know if it is worth the bother, but you could probably reduce your pictures by taking a screen shot of them, pasting the screenshot into Paint and saving as gif. Then you could paste the gifs into a new word document.

18 Sep 2016     


I do that when I have the pictures. The problem is I īm looking for new stories to tell but I can īt find any.

20 Sep 2016     

Russian Federation

 Hello, dear collegue)))
I don`t know, whether I can help you.
Here is the site with short stories for kids: http://www.shortkidstories.com/story/the-story-of-miss-moppet/
You can download the pictures to the stories, clicking right button "Open the image" or "Save the image" . 
Then you can print it.
Have a nice day!
Best wishes, Vladislav

20 Sep 2016