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Caption Contest


Caption Contest
Hi everyone
Thank you, Karagozian, for choosing me as the winner. It was an eggciting time.
Here is the next picture awaiting your clever captions.

1 Oct 2016      

Russian Federation

A young monkey reseacher: They say labour has made a man out of an ape. Let īs see what will happen if I use this gadget.

1 Oct 2016     


Do texting monkeys mimic men ? Or, are we, turned apes, just monkeying them?

Anyway ! I don īt like this ape trying to ape my students !

2 Oct 2016     

United Kingdom

Where is that bloominī apple? I īd rather have a banana anyway. 

2 Oct 2016     

United Kingdom

Well, I īll be a monkey īs uncle. I īve had this thing 2 days and I still can īt turn it on. I īm going to throw it away before I go ape!

2 Oct 2016     


I would have been much happier with a  Jonathan apple...

2 Oct 2016     

Mariethe House

Dear Jayho
I am so pleased with my new Ipad but there is one problem, one single but big  problem: The connexion won īt reach you downunder. I ...am...so....sad  Cry

@Spinney : thank you for those two expressions you used that I didnīt know . I am so much more knowledgebale now!Wink

2 Oct 2016     


These homo sapienses have gone bananas :( They pay thousands of dollars for this apple while destroying the environment where edible apples can grow. When will they understand this is not a barrel of monkeys! :(

2 Oct 2016     

United States

Now, how do we make a selfie. again?

2 Oct 2016     


With my apple I can go everywhere. No climbing the trees is needed. 

2 Oct 2016     


And you thought banana was my favorite food.

3 Oct 2016     

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