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To or For


To or For
I got confused -which is correct?
house to rent/ house for rent
flat to sale/ flat for  sale
Thanks in advance

20 Oct 2016      

United States

Most common in the USA: house/apartment for sale/for rent, but I can īt really say that "to rent" or "to sell" is wrong.
"Trailer for sale or rent, rooms to let, 50 cents."

20 Oct 2016     

Russian Federation

When the preposition for is used, it is followed by the nouns sale and rent. When the particle to is used, it is followed by the infinitive rent.

Both variants are possible for rent, but they differ grammatically. And only 1 way to use with  sale -  for sale, as there is no such a verb.

20 Oct 2016     

United States

except that "sale" is a noun, not a verb, so "to sale" doesn īt work.
This house is for rent (available to be rented).
We have two houses; one to live in, and one to rent (for the purpose of renting).

20 Oct 2016     


My dear friend Yanogator. I didn`t notice it was a noun till you wrote it. People don`t slip anything by you. See you around.

20 Oct 2016