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Please help


Please help

Dear colleagues,


What is the meaning of the second sentence?

1.If I hadn’t had a breakfast this morning, I would  have a headache .

Meaning: I had a breakfast  so I don’t  have a headache.

2.If I didn’t have a breakfast this morning , I would have a headache.  



Which one is correct?

1.When the balloonist landed I was walking the dog

2.When the balloonist landed I had been walking the dog.



Please help :) Thanks in advance. 

22 Oct 2016      

Russian Federation

Hello :)! I ´m just a student of Teachers training University :)
I think, that the first variant is rigtht here :  When the balloonist landed I was walking the dog - Past Countinuous :) 

22 Oct 2016     


The first option,
1.When the balloonist landed I was walking the dog
would imply that the action i.e. walking the dog was taking place simultaneously, at the very time the balloonist  landed. There is no strong emphasis on the duration of the action, you were just doing this at that specific moment in the past.
 2.When the balloonist landed I had been walking the dog.
Here, the past perfect continuous  stresses either the importance of the whole process of walking or the duration (though not stated in the sentence) or the fact that there was an interference which caused the process to end .. Maybe you want to convey your irritation by the fact that your dog was startled by seeing the balloonist land?
I had been walking the dog for about an hour when the balloonist landed.


My dog was stunned. I had been walking him when out of the blue a crackpot landed on us from above :)
Thus, to me both options are Ok in certain contexts. 

22 Oct 2016     

United States

I agree with Gi2gi.

23 Oct 2016     

United States

I agree, also.
On your first question, first, it is just breakfast, not "a breakfast".
The second option is just a casual way of saying the same thing. It isn ´t the correct tense, but people do say it.

23 Oct 2016