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ESL forum > Ask for help > how to use "during"    

how to use "during"


how to use "during"
Good day fellow teachers,
Could you please tell me if the word "during" could be followed by  a verb+ing?
Is it possible to say:
During mending his car, it rained?
                                                                                   Thanks a lot

6 Nov 2016      


It doesn ´t sound correct to me. I am not a native speaker though. I would say "While he was mending his car, it rained." I use "during + noun" so I would say "During his car repair, it rained".

6 Nov 2016     

United Kingdom

I agree with Pedro14. I can ´t think of any examples where following ´during ´ with an ´ing ´ verb would sound correct:

During painting the picture, it was sunny.
During running the race, the crowd cheered. 
During fixing the leak, the radio played music loudly. 
Using  two ´ing ´ words together sounds awkward and the sentence doesn ´t indicate who is doing the action.
 Using ´while ´ to show two things happening at the same time makes more sense, although it could be worth moving the sentence around to see which order sounds the clearest:
It was sunny while she painted the picture.
The crowd cheered while he ran the race.
While he fixed the leak, the radio played music loudly.
 I hope that helps!

6 Nov 2016     



6 Nov 2016     

United States

I agree with the others, and would like to add to Firefox ´s answer. Firefox is gently pointing out that even if you change to "while", the first clause needs a subject.
While he was mending his car, it rained.

6 Nov 2016     


Thanks a million for your explicit clarification and taking the time to help me! I understand it now. Have a good day!

6 Nov 2016