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Czech Republic

French native speakers
Hello dear friends,
I was asked by a very good friend of mine (the director of the company) to make his website quadralingual. I agreed  (my wife works there in the office, you know). He provided me with German and French translation of the pages, I made English translation. Unfortunately in the French version one paragraph is missing. Here it is:
In this gallery you can see just a small section of our product portfolio. We do offer a production of wide range of products and parts of different sizes, shapes and weight (it Ôs limited only by technical specifications of our machinery). For further or more specific information donít hesitate to contact us. 
Could any of my French colleagues do me a favour and translate it for me? I do not want to bother the director ícause it would take some time (I suppose several days) to get the paragraph in official way and Iíd like to finish the website  ASAP.
Here is the web page Iím just working on.
Thanks very much for your kind help.

6 Nov 2016      

maryse peyť

Hi Oto,
Please look in your private mail.

6 Nov 2016     

Czech Republic

Hi Maryse,
Thanks a million for you kind and prompt help. I appreciate your help very much. Hug You know, I’m jsut finishing the company’s website and I wanted to finish it today ’cause from Monday to Friday I’m busy teaching English. And thanks to your help I have just finished it.
Thanks again and may God bless you,

6 Nov 2016