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Hello everyone! (but mostly Argentinian teachers Wink)

I would like you to help me out with some ideas ...
Is anyone working, going to or has worked with a school project , I mean multidisciplinary (or just English and any other school subject...)? I want to work with false beginners and I find it hard to come up with a suitable project that is not so time consuming...
Please...all ideas are welcome...!!!(of course... planning too!!!Big smile)

Wow.. I think I made such a mess explaining what I want...Confused
If you don īt want to answer here...please send me a PM.

Thank you!!!!!!!! EmbarrassedHug

4 Mar 2009      


I don īt know any specific project... but with beginners it īs quite useful to work with a science project... like an experiment... bc you have instructions in imperative, simple sentences, they have prior knowledge and can actually observe... and of course it īs always fun!

On the same note you can work with recipes and actually make something... but i like the science project better.

Also music, if they have music... it will be porbably shorter... and you can use like a haiku structure to write a song

4 Mar 2009     

Czech Republic

How about WEATHER? That goes with Geography, Physics... ?
Something simple like: there is winter in Australia + summer in Great Britain in July...
... ?

History - ancient Greece, Rome, 7 wonders of the world... ???
ask students to prepare drawings / ppt presentation of googled photos ... ? + some extra info - where the 7 wonders are / were ...

Or some comparison Argentina x Great Britain - history, geography, politics, ...

4 Mar 2009     


Thank you!!
I am collecting some ideas!

4 Mar 2009