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ESL forum > Ask for help > I need a recommendation, please...    

I need a recommendation, please...

Dianna Madrigal
Costa Rica

I need a recommendation, please...
Ive been asked to teach a group of 6 adults (Ages from 30 to 50). They work for an office in the local government of my county. The thing is that they do not know almost ANYTHING about english! And when I say anything is anything... So, I will appreciate if you can recommend me a book to use with them. Thank you very much in advance....    ;o)

4 Mar 2009      



I think that it ll be very useful "The New English File" Elementary, which I already used with adults and it was great!
Good luck,

4 Mar 2009     

Mar (itxasobcn)

I m also using NEW ENGLISH FILE (all levels) and I think it s one of the best.
Good luck!!!!!!!
MAR Smile

4 Mar 2009     


  (ed 2007)  is the one book I would highly recommend. I have been using it (together with the other levels (Pre-Intermediate to Advanced) quite successfully in business settings and I am pretty sure it will be suitable for your learners.
If you want something more general, you have THE LANGUAGE LEADER, same editors (2008, I think)
My other favourite is the famous NEW HEADWAY (Elementary)

One remark, however: From my experience I have often had learners who would pretend they know NO English at all as they  had never studied it. That s what they would often say, in particular when learning in a group....
Later on however, when I go further with them, I realise they DID STUDY English before but for  reasons having to do with confidence for some, modesty for others, they would always prefer to start from the beginning
Hope this helps

4 Mar 2009     


I recommend  New English File (all levels)......its the one I m using now, and it s probably the best in my opinion!

4 Mar 2009     


I recommend New English File too
It s excellent book, I used it in the same situation & it worked (I had 3 students: 20, 34, & 45 )
And the most useful thing is that there are plenty of edditional materials on www.oup.com/elt/newenglishfile
Try it & You will LOVE it

5 Mar 2009     


I have NEW ENGLISH FILE TOO, but it is more for General English
I think you will rather need something which is business oriented, like those I mentioned in my precedent post

5 Mar 2009