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     What is the passive of ´She will be working on the new project soon. ´ Thank you.

15 Jan 2017      

maryse peyé

Ther (/Her) new project will be being worked on soon (by her).
However this sentence sounds not really natural.

15 Jan 2017     


Thank you a million, Maryse.

15 Jan 2017     

Russian Federation

I ´m sorry, I don ´t think the Passive exists in the future continuous form. Must be replaced by future simple.
The project will be worked on.
Otherwise it sounds unnatural.

15 Jan 2017     

United States

You might have been taught that the future continuous passive doesn ´t exist, but it definitely does. However, it is only used in specific situations in which the ongoing nature of the action needs to be emphasized. The "soon" in this example makes this form very awkward and unnatural as both Maryse and you said.
However, " The new project will be being worked on the whole morning" is fine.

15 Jan 2017