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the proyect of the portfolio


the proyect of the portfolio
Hi everyone! I īve started this year with the proyect of the portfolio and I am a little confused with all the information we have received in the courses we have been given so far. Next year we īll start to work with students and we aren īt really sure if the proyect is worth the effort or not and I would like to know what you are doing with your students because my students are 12-18 and we only have examples of primary school proyects. Can anybody help me?

6 Mar 2009      

United Kingdom

I get the gist of your request but it is not very clear. Would you mind clarifying what kind of project you are referring to?

6 Mar 2009     


iam the new comer

6 Mar 2009     


yolprica  If they are forcing you to do portfolio, then don īt ask yourself if it is worth the effort because you won īt put  all you can into it.
I did a seminar paper about the use of portfolio in the English classroom and part of the paper was a survey/ questionnaire the pupils filled out about how they felt about it.  But that was about 10 years ago.  I don īt do portfolio in my classes.

6 Mar 2009     


In Spain the proyect of the portfolio will be compulsory in a few years but now it is still optional and I got into it because I like experimenting new ways of teaching since the present model doesn īt work. When compiling a portfolio  students collect relevant documents, reflect on their learning and evaluate their learning process as the studies proceed. The core idea is that their learning becomes more lasting because they learn to take it to good use and get practise analyzing their work. The portfolio covers students ī past, present and future alike since they reflect on their past experiences, attitudes and feelings, revise their present goals and make plans for the future. This is supposed to come in handy when applying for jobs. This is the theory and I would like to know if anyone has had any experience at putting it into practise.
Thank you

6 Mar 2009     


I found this link. Is this what you mean? I think we would say Portfolio Project.

8 Mar 2009