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Material for IELTS


Material for IELTS
Hello friends,
Some students of mine would like to take the IELTS to be able to study in the UK and I would like to train them and prepare them so they can pass it successfully. I am looking for books and metrials to help them achieve this objective. Do you have any suggestions?

9 Feb 2017      

United States

future learn has a good course on IELTS preparation. https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/understanding-ielts iT STARTS FEB. 13

9 Feb 2017     

Russian Federation

 There are a lot of materials on  http://englishtips.org/   

9 Feb 2017     


The official British Council site is very good: http://takeielts.britishcouncil.org/prepare . You should also look at LearnEnglishTeens from the British Council. They have specific tips e.g. on describing graphs here:http://learnenglishteens.britishcouncil.org/skills/writing-skills-practice/writing-about-bar-chart .

10 Feb 2017     


Lots of great videos here on the British Council youtube channel

10 Feb 2017     


Dear Grimsim,
Depending on how much time you have and what their initial level is I īd definitely adopt some cousebook. IELTS comes in 3 variations ACADEMIC, GENERAL TRAINING and LIFE SKILLS, from your description it seems that you īd be interested in the first variant. The speaking and listeining is the same for Academics and Generals (Life Skills is completely different) and UNLIKE other Cambridge tests students listen to it ONCE only - so they need some adjusting to it and training. Both listening and reading parts are set in a way that they are getting progressively more and more difficult. Being quite young, your students may find the final texts and listening parts (which are e.g. academic lectures) quite challenging. 
For the speaking test, definitely look at youtube and write IELTS OFFICIAL where you are going to find lots of candidates with ACTUAL grades they got for speaking including a commentary why they were awarded these. That should give you a hint of what is expected and how your students are going to fare.
Bookwise: I īd look at New Insight into IELTS (for both General and Academic), Action Plan for IELTS (shorter), Step up to IELTS by Cambridge University Press; Headway Academic Skills (low starting level of students, so I īm hesitant if it makes sense because most academic institutions accept candidates with bands 6,5 and above), IELTS Masterclass (for Academics - may be your best shot, check) by Oxford University Press. Macmillan has a variety of books which don īt specify neither the kind of IELTS they are preparing for (and there are e.g. significant differences in the types of texts students are expected to produce in General and Academic IELTS) or the starting level of the students which personally I don īt like. These are books like Direct to IELTS, Ready for IELTS and Focusing on IELTS. The one that is worth having a look at is IELTS GRADUATION (for Academics).
Of course there are also testbanks - I īd try to choose the ones with as many Academic (or perhaps solely Academic) as possible.
If I can help any further, write me a PM :-)
best of luck,
joanna :-) 

10 Feb 2017     


I have done a tarining session for some students to prepare them for IELTS and I got all the material from the internet. 
Good luck 

13 Feb 2017     


speaking, practice, videos  and vocabulary 

13 Feb 2017