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ESL forum > Games, activities and teaching ideas > London is the capital of GB    

London is the capital of GB


London is the capital of GB
Dear teachers!
I have to show a lesson with my pupils of the 4th form. The topic is "London is the capital of GB". The reason is that the lesson will be visited by 30 teachers! I am looking for some fresh, creative, and unique ideas for the lesson. Could you help me, please? Can you write me your brilliant ideas, games, activities, and secrets that help you to make a perfect lesson?
Thanks in advance!

15 Feb 2017      


London is the capital of GB. Why not introduce the capitals of Scotland and Wales  and do a comparative study....size , population, number of visitors, monuments, weather...? 
I think that everyone has seen pictures of Big Ben and Tower Bridge but maybe Cardiff Castle and the Forth Road Bridges deserve to be in the limelight too.
Good luck with your preparations and I hope that everything goes well and that you will find your inspiration.

16 Feb 2017     

Czech Republic

Play a game. Each child represents one sight in London. They can hold a picture of it or you just tell them who is which sight. They sit in the circle. One is in the middle, so one chair is missing. He/she calls out some sights-at least two. Pupils with those sights have to change their seats and the pupil in the middle tries to sit in one of their places. Then the child who has no chair has to go to the middle. If the pupil in the middle says "London", everybody must change their seats.

16 Feb 2017     

Russian Federation

You can give them a text to find information and fill in a table about London (for example, about London īs parks or Zoo)
If you take the London Zoo, you can find audio file or a song "Tomorrow we go to the zoo" ( children of their age like it)
You can also play" Bingo " on sights of London.

16 Feb 2017