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Sneaky spammers


Sneaky spammers
Hi everyone
The tool that Victor introduced to mark posts as spam is brilliant ...
these sneaky, conniving spammers are now inserting their spam as a reply to someone elses post which means we can t mark it as spam. They get a 10/10 for working around Victor s solution!  And now we need another solution to work around their workaround.
What do you think?
Do you have a suggestion that we could propose to Victor? 

3 May 2017      


IMO, we do not have to bother our webmaster with this just one case. Fortunately, it is not a system. Besides, we have a tool to act against such posts if they would become annoying. The Rules of the site say that

"The moderators can inform the administrator if there are forum posts that go against the rules" and
"The administrator of the website is allowed to cancel your account at his discretion if you don t follow the rules of the website".
Victor cares about his site and he can delete any posts and/or accounts. As far as I know, he does do so, if necessary. Knowing (or learning about) this should be enough for sneaky spammers. 

4 May 2017     


I think we should just post more replies to such spam replies. Victor has enough work without this.

4 May 2017     


This has happened on several occasions now, and hopefully it will not become a major problem for the site.
We all need to be wary and to not click on links that look like genuine help.

4 May 2017     

United Kingdom

They re a pest! We need to raise members awareness so we don t click on spammers links and yes, quickly add more replies so their exposure is minimised.  

5 May 2017