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Help needed


Help needed
Hi dear collegues,
One of my students asked me how to say something which I don īt really know. How do I name a kind of notebook that has many sheets of paper that can be easily removed without being torn. This "object" is very popular in Brazil and many students use it instead of the regular notebooks. Hope I īve made my question clear :P
Thanks in advance!LOL

7 Mar 2009      

United States

Well if it īs one of those plastic things with 2-4 rings that you put paper in and sometimes have dividers to separate your subjects - we call it either a binder or a notebook.

7 Mar 2009     


LIke Libertybelle said,

a binder, a notebook or a file (with paper/pad in it). 

If it īs what we have in Greece, it īs a file with a pad of paper in it. (Size A4 or A5)

We also have note books with solid spiral bindings and holes for filing purposes,  the pages of which can be removed without tearing.

7 Mar 2009     

United States

You may be talking about a spiral notebook.  The paper is bound with a wire that "spirals" through a bunch of holes and the paper is perforated so you can tear it out along the perforation to get a clean "un-torn" sheet of paper.
Like this:

7 Mar 2009     


Thanks so much for your precious help,libertybelle, alex1968 and Douglas(also for the thoughtful picture Douglas)! The thing I wanted to name is then a binder :) Have a great Sunday! 

7 Mar 2009     


We also call a two ring binder a file.  If it has the arch-like rings and a clip to hold the paper down we call it a lever arch file.

8 Mar 2009