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ESL forum > Ask for help > Requesting English Teachers to help with content for a new ESL site for students.    

Requesting English Teachers to help with content for a new ESL site for students.


Requesting English Teachers to help with content for a new ESL site for students.
I am in the process of making an ESL site. The site is focused on environmental issues. There are 3 levels of English and a reading and video section.
The site is trying to educate through English and provide a platform for students to discuss world issues in the global language.
I am working on it by myself and am stuggling to provide content.
What I need is for other teachers to help provide articles, choose a level, set questions and provide answers and a discussion question. I will then make interactive quizzes that other teachers can use in their classrooms or set for homework.
The website is https://www.discussearth.com 
The teachers section is  https://www.discussearth.com/teachers/
If you are interested in helping out, please feel free to contact me through ESL Printables or through the site at https://www.discussearth.com/contact/ .
I understand everyone is busy but if anyone feels like collaborating on this project, I d be extremely happy to hear from you.
Best regards,

11 Jul 2017      

United Kingdom

Wow! Your site looks absolutely amazing! And environmental issues as a starting point, fantastic! Well, I m not sure if I can help, but I will bear this in mind and see if I can come up with a few bits and bats.
Just one point - the forum is a bit slow at the moment because lots of people are on holiday. If you don t get much response, re-post this in a couple of weeks time.
What a pleasure to see such a great website, well done.  

12 Jul 2017     


Great idea. I love the site. I don t know what I could say that hasn t been said already, but I ll think about.

12 Jul 2017     


Congratulations for the site Simon! It is really good!
I will try to think of something in order to help.

12 Jul 2017     


Great idea!
I will try to find a way to help!
All the best

12 Jul 2017     

United States

Hi Simon,

I just shared your site in a facebook group that has quite a big community of ESL teachers. You should put  something on your homepage, that teachers are welcome to collaborate or submit articles they find useful etc. It can t hurt ;)

I wish you all the best with this great project.

12 Jul 2017     

maryse pey

12 Jul 2017     

United States

Do you know about http://earthbridges.net/node/18480   ?

12 Jul 2017