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ESL forum > Ask for help > What ´s the difference in meaning ?    

What ´s the difference in meaning ?


What ´s the difference in meaning ?
Hi everybody.
I ´d like to know what ´s the difference between " award" and " prize" 
Secondly, What ´s the difference between " counsellor " and  " social worker " ?
Thanks very much. 

19 Jul 2017      

United States

As I see it:
An award is something that has been earned, it is presented to you as recognition for something you have done
A prize  is something you win either through chance (e.g. lottery) or some type of competition (e.g. a Hot Dog eating contest).
Counselor is a wider term than social worker; a social worker is a counselor focused on bettering the community.

20 Jul 2017     


I think a prize can also be given for something you do well. Cambridge dictionary:

Prize: something valuable, such as an amount of money, that is given to someone who succeeds in a competition or game or that is given to someone as a reward for doing very good work:

The critics ´ prize for best film was won by Marc Abbott for "Belly Laugh".
I won a prize in the raffle.
The first (= main) prize is a week for two in Miami.
The prize money for winning Wimbledon has been increased by 12.5 per cent.

something important and valuable that is difficult to achieve or get:

The prize would be her hand in marriage.

20 Jul 2017     

United States

That ´s interesting, Minka, because Cambridge says "for doing very good work", but lists only examples of competitions or games. Generally an award is what is given as a reward for doing very good work.

21 Jul 2017     


There is this raffle as an example of winning a prize in a game, but prize for the best film or winning Wimbledon seem very much different to me. And there is also (not listed here) Pulitzer prize. 
I do realize prize  is more frequently used for games and such, but not always, I guess. 

22 Jul 2017     


counsellor may also be a lawyer :-)

22 Jul 2017     

United States

"Best film" and Wimbledon are both competitions, so they are like a game in that sense. However, you are right about the Pulitzer Prize, and now I think of the Nobel Prize. They are a competition of sorts, but Cambridge is right that they are awarded for doing very good work.
I stand corrected.  :)

22 Jul 2017     

United Kingdom

I think we are agreed that there is a certain amount of encroachment from the word ´prize ´ into the rightful territory of the word ´award ´. I won the English prize at school, which was really an award. Heady days, never to be repeated, alas.  
Award is a verb, too, btw. It is recognition for effort or achievement, whereas a prize can be arbitrary, or as the result of a competition as Douglas points out.  Just my two penn´orth!

Social worker is a much broader role than counsellor. A counsellor counsels, whereas a social worker´s caseload may include many different types of case with different needs. Generally, the patient makes an appointment with the counsellor, for a session of up to one hour per week, although of course it may vary. In many instances, the social worker will have to take the initiative with the people s/he is dealing with. They have a boss to whom they refer difficult cases or ask for advice. 

23 Jul 2017