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By or with


By or with
Please help me with this sentence The garden is surrounded by/with th flowers Thanks

26 Jul 2017      

United Kingdom

I would say īThe garden is surrounded by flowers ī. By the way, I wouldn īt include īthe ī .

26 Jul 2017     

United States

Surrounded by flowers.

26 Jul 2017     

United Kingdom

I agree!
"The garden is surrounded by flowers."
 The Oxford English Dictionary, 2006:
1) After a Passive Verb:
The door was opened by my cousin, Annie.
Damage caused by fire. 
The nearest suitable definition that I can find, is ...
1) Accompanied by (another person or thing):
A nice steak with a bottle of red wine.

My opinion?
"The garden is surrounded by flowers." ü

Les Douglas 

26 Jul 2017     

[email protected]

Just for context.
If you īd like to see a similar thing using [with]...
The streets are lined with flowers.
This suggests some human activity - some people put the flowers there.

26 Jul 2017     


Surrounded usually collocates with by, for a reference to location. With is more for possession (with is often used instead of have when indicating possession)
Surrounded by flowers is the correct form but with is perfectly understood in everyday conversation

27 Jul 2017