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ESL forum > Concerning powerpoints > ppt upload problem    

ppt upload problem


ppt upload problem
Dear friends,
As I am new to this website, please forgive me if the question I īm asking is kind of stupid. :))
I intended to upload a ppt presentation on future tense but the warning said it had to be a doc or docx file; so I converted it online. And now it says that the file is too large.
I īd appreciate if someone could tell me how to upload ppts!!!  I īve been working on it for about 2 hours, have an early lesson tomorrow and I am about to go crazy. 
So many thanks in advance,

20 Sep 2017      


Dear Ezgi,
If you wanted to upload a ppt but received the warning which said it had to be a doc or docx file, more likely, you made a mistake and chose a wrong point to start the uploading. 
You must choose to Send a PowerPoint  (not "Send a printable"). 
Your ppt can be up to 3 - 3.5 MB. 
Good luck! 

20 Sep 2017     


Oh I see now...Thank you very much for your response!!!Have a nice day!

20 Sep 2017     

Antonio Oliver

Hi Ezgikep,
Kohai has already answered -as helpful as usual!
If it īs any consolation, that has happened to me several times, even after learning that there are 2 different ways to upload Word and PowerPoint!

21 Sep 2017     

American Samoa

Thank you for sharing this nice and helpful topic.  slither io

23 Nov 2018