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ESL forum > Ask for help > How can I reinforce the vocabulary items (for TOEFL) that we barely use in the classroom?    

How can I reinforce the vocabulary items (for TOEFL) that we barely use in the classroom?


How can I reinforce the vocabulary items (for TOEFL) that we barely use in the classroom?
Hi everyone,
I am a lecturer at a prep school of a university in Turkey. My students ī levels range from elementary to pre-intermediate, but unfortunately we started teaching them TOEFL words and they are really difficult for the students to remember. Moreover, we are not using those words in our daily lives so much. So, how can I make sure that my students internalize those vocabulary items? I īve already put some posters about those vocabulary items, but what kind of activities can we come up with in order to prevent fossilization? For example; can using a vocabulary box be helpful? Thanks in advance. Any idea appreciated!

3 Dec 2017      


I understand your frustration. I do freelance work for a company that offers TOEFL and IELTS prep courses in China.  Part of what I do is prepare exercises based on specific formats that this company insists will work for their students. This company does enjoy a certain degree of success, so there is at least a little something to their claim. 
One of the exercises they have me use is a combination of multiple choice and context. For example:  I īll write a sentence that *should* allow the student to understand the meaning strictly from context.   Then to test that understanding, they have to choose the meaning from 5 choices (a,b,c,d,e) 
Another exercise they have me use requires them to identify a word īs function (noun, verb, etc) based on word structure ( -ion, 
-ity, -ist, -ily, pro-, anti-)  and identify root and other parts.  Again, using multiple choice to confirm understanding. 
Sadly, this same organization also uses a really bad formula to teach them writing for the essay portion of the tests.  So, the part of the job that I actually enjoy is where I get to correct and critique the essays.  I īll point out the weak spots and offer them more creative and compelling ways to present their arguments.   
That īs the best I īve got to offer you. Hope it helps. 

3 Dec 2017     


Thanks a lot, we are trying to do the similar thing in our prep school, as well. I think what I īll do as an extra will be the vocabulary corner & trying to use those words in my sentences.

4 Dec 2017