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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > Problems with phrasal verbs    

Problems with phrasal verbs

Hong Kong

Problems with phrasal verbs
I haven ´t found the answer to the following question. Please help me. Choose the best option: After several injuries and failures,things have eventually ______ for Todd when he reached the final round for the tournament. A.looked up B.gone on C. taken up D. turned on

26 Jan 2018      

United Kingdom

Looked up.(btw I would prefer ´finally ´ to ´eventually ´ because eventually would be better with past simple). ´Perked up ´ also.

26 Jan 2018     

Hong Kong

Many thanks

26 Jan 2018     

United States

I agree with Lynne that "looked up" is the correct choice, and that "finally" would be better, but I definitely don ´t like the sentence, using the present perfect followed by the simple past. It is also unusual to use "looked up" with the present perfect. The present perfect continuous is much more common with it. This is not a well-written sentence.

27 Jan 2018     

Hong Kong

Thank you a lot, Bruce

28 Jan 2018