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Is it right?


Is it right?

Hi dears..


I want to present the "Step" as a new voc tomorrow for my pupils by using a picture of a boy walking by counting steps..


So is it right to ask: How do we walk by? by steps or by kilometres?


I mean is it" walk by or walk in steps"?


Thanks in advance

31 Jan 2018      

United States

The question should be, "How do we walk?"
The answer would be, "We take steps", but if the only choices are walk in steps or walk by steps, then I would choose walk in steps.   It sounds odd to me, though. 


Yes Douglas is right, of course when we add in the words kilometer or steps, the preposition ´in´is correct.

31 Jan 2018     

United States

I would say:
"How do we walk? In steps or in kilometers?"

1 Feb 2018     


I would avoid walk in/by steps as, like redcamarocruiser says, it doesn ´t sound very natural. Here are some ideas?
- We walk step by step.
- We step. / We step forwards.
- We take steps.
For your introductory question, you could ask: Is each step we take about a metre or about a kilometre? 
One step is much shorter than a kilometre.  

1 Feb 2018     

United States

I might say, "How do we measure walking?" and we definitely walk in steps.

1 Feb 2018     

United States

I thought of the same sentence as Bruce, but if the class is low level, then the fewer words, the better. like Douglas  suggested.

1 Feb 2018     

United Kingdom

I agree that ´we walk in steps ´ doesn ´t sound natural.  ´We take steps ´ would be the best phrase to use with your pupils. ´To be in step ´ means to keep pace with others, left legs forward at the same time etc, and it also means to agree with them. 

1 Feb 2018