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English Day


English Day
Hiii Everyone
I really need your help.... pleeasssee help
I am teaching 7th, 8th and 9th graders and we are helding an English day this year
This is my first time preparing for such an event and i hope to do it the best way. Can you help me with sharing ideas? or your experience doing such a day. please give me some suggestions for some activities.
thanks in advance

11 Feb 2018      


Hello Balkees
What about beginning the day with an English breakfast ?
We did one with younger children years ago and they loved it !!!

11 Feb 2018     


With this age preparing an English breakfast can be fun. And they can make some posters (while they īre waiting for something) about the food, they can draw something or take pictures for the poster. Another group could make a sponge cake or something ... I think Cariboo īs idea is great.

11 Feb 2018     


1-Ask your students to ptepare posters wallpapers of different aspects of the english culture. 2-start activities and reharsals of poem, drama, songs, public speeking and games.. 3-decorate the room of the event with english flags and small cultural items ... 3-Invite important native guests for your students to practise their English with

11 Feb 2018     

United States

You could ask English facts trivia questions in a game. Some example questions are here https://www.did-you-knows.com/did-you-know-facts/english-language.php
You could put the questions that you judge to be the appropriate level for your students into a jeopardy template for a class game of jeopardy.  

11 Feb 2018     


Hi Balkees !
You could organize a quiz on cultural facts about the UK , Great Britain,USA...
This could work as a school contest,where students coud put their quizzes in a box.
Another idea is a "Spelling Bee" contest.This contest is simple to do ...you just have to select a variety of words-some simple others more complex to pronounce.Students are asked to spell the words.Normally students love this kind of competition! You may organise with different teams from the same class or others !
Have fun with your activities !! :)

11 Feb 2018     

United Kingdom

Dear Balkees,
There is a downloadable PDF of, "Life in the United Kingdom", prepared by the UK Government.
It has hundreds of accurate, important facts about the UK. Unfortunately, itīs NOT free.
With the suggestion from CarmenCosta, you could make a good quiz. 
Les Douglas 

13 Feb 2018     


I dont wish to blow my own trumpet, but if you are looking specifically for quizzes about the UK, I have made several!
Its an information gap quiz so you can split your group into 4 teams. I hope your day goes well! 

13 Feb 2018