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pioneer prep school materials


pioneer prep school materials
hello my dear colleagues, 
I have a group of pioneer prep pupils 7th grade and I can ´t find "difficult" worksheets targeted for such pupils, can anyone help and suugest some, it ´s really urgent.
thanks alot in advance. 

2 Mar 2018      


You can choose intermediate level worksheets

3 Mar 2018     


What topic, what grammar elements do you want to cover? Reading writing, grammar exercises, we need at least a little bit of context to be able to help you. 

4 Mar 2018     


I ´m teaching the tunisian program, 7th form, so I ´m teaching now "birthday"; "house", and some functions. it ´ll be very nice of you to help.

7 Mar 2018     

nasreddine Sarsar

You should not give your students ´difficult ´ tasks to accomplish as the key to successful teaching is making things simple, but messy. I think you mean ´challenging ´ tasks. In this case, it really depends on your students ´ level of competence. However, I would recommend you give them activities that lie in their zone of proximal development. If I were in your shoes, I ´d conduct a needs analysis test to determine my students ´ linguistic needs and then I can decide on the material I should incorporate in my lessons. Nobody can advise you as you ´re the only one who knows what your students need. 
Kind regards, 

8 Mar 2018     

United Kingdom

I kind of agree with nasreddinesarsar - it ´s very difficult to advise you here. If these were native pupils here in England, people would be advising you to move away from concrete tasks to more inference-based tasks, along the lines of ´What would happen if blah de blah... ´ However, in an ESL context, it ´s not so easy and depends on individual needs. Reading comprehensions are always a good bet, picture descriptions where inference is required... Or maybe you could move away from worksheets and give them research topics? 
Is this kind of thing helpful? 

8 Mar 2018