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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > Pushups or push-ups?     

Pushups or push-ups?


Pushups or push-ups?
Hi people, 
I ´m not sure which is correct to write with or without a hyphen? Push-ups or pushups. Although I found lots of times where both are possible, would any of these two be a mistake to write?
I ´m also not sure whether any of the following questions is not correct or could sound a bit odd?

1.       Have you ever been engaged in some vigorous

fitness activity? If yes, wich one?

2.       Do you like to go to the gym and do some exercises there? Why? /Why not?

3.       Do you have any favourite fitness activity ?If yes, which one?

4.       What do you think-why has fitness become so popular sport activity?

5.       Would you do exercises in order to get in a good shape or because you want to be healthier?

6.       Which exercise can you do in order to get six –pack abs?

7.       Do you usually need to consult your doctor if you want to engage in fitness? Why?/Why not?

8.       Can fitness be a part of preparation for some professional athletes? How?

Thank you in advance, Darija 

8 Mar 2018      

United Kingdom

Hi Darija, well, to complicate matters, I would write ´push up ´ but I think any of those push-up, pushup or push up is fine, although pushup looks odd to me. 
1. Have you ever engaged in any vigorous fitness activities? 
2.  Do you like (enjoy) going to the gym and doing exercises/exercising there?  
3. Do you have a favourite fitness activity? If so, which one? (Or any favourite activities)... Which ones? 
4. Why do you think fitness training has become such a popular sport activity? 
5. Would you do exercises/exercise to get into (good) shape or because you want to be healthier?
7.Do you usually need to consult your doctor if you want to engage in (take up) fitness activities/training?
8. fitness training
Note: ´fitness´ on its own might be OK... But I think ´fitness training´ is better....
Just a few suggestions!  
Note: I´ve edited these a bit; did a first quick response while at school! 

9 Mar 2018     


Thanks a lot Lynne!

10 Mar 2018     

United Kingdom

My pleasure! 

10 Mar 2018