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copyrighted images


copyrighted images
Hi there,
I īve been having problems with copyrighted images I use in my worksheets because I have no idea how to spot them. I have a powerpoint with similar cartoons I used in a worksheet that got removed. But I īll probably won īt be able to share it because of the same problem.
I īd be grateful for any suggestion on how to avoid these.

11 Mar 2018      

United States

Generally if you see a watermark or some kind of small text identifying the owner (usually with a copyright symbol ) the picture will be tagged as copyrighted.
  Watermarks are sometimes pretty light and you have to look close to spot them.

13 Mar 2018     

United States

Hello helenaainacio,
If you see the copyright symbol anywhere in the picture, then it is copyright protected. Here are some examples of the symbol and also a clipart example with the copyright symbol.
Watermarked clipart can contain letters, swirls, cross hatching, and so on. Some examples:
Best wishes and good luck! kwsp

13 Mar 2018     


thank you all for your quick reply. I have to redo my latest worksheet  in order to upload it again. Unfortunately I really like using pics which are a part of the task.
thanks everybody 

14 Mar 2018     


So it īs okay to use pictures that doesn īt contain watermarks?

20 Jun 2018