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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > From statements to questions    

From statements to questions


From statements to questions
How to turn this sentence into a question ?
 The book that she is reading is about violence.

11 Mar 2018      

United Kingdom

Is the book that she is reading about violence? 

12 Mar 2018     


What is the book that she is reading about?

12 Mar 2018     

United Kingdom

I agree with Lynne Cunliffe:
"Is the book that she is reading, about violence?" 
"The book that she is reading: is it about violence?"
Les Douglas.

12 Mar 2018     


I would use "What is the book (that) she is reading about?" or "What is the topic of the book (that) she is reading?"
There is a little ambiguity in the former question - is she reading about a book, or reading a book about something? That īs why the second question might be better, depending on the context. "What īs that book about?" would be a very natural way of asking someone about what they īre reading. 
For the first time, I disagree with Les: You shouldn īt put a comma in the question "Is the book that she is reading about violence?"  

13 Mar 2018     

United Kingdom

You have made an excellent observation.
Les Douglas 

13 Mar 2018     

United States

Lynne īs question and Les īs two questions (without the comma, of course) are the only ones that change the statement into a question, as requested. The others provide a question that the statement would be the answer to, which is not the same thing.

14 Mar 2018