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addicted to languages!


addicted to languages!
hi everyone,
I have been addicted to languages for a very long time and I am now trying to learn Mandarin. However I find that because this language uses a different "writing" it is too difficult for me to learn on my own with an "adult book"!
Does anyone know of resources meant for children that I could use? ( Maybe teachers in Singapore could help....)
thank you in advance
I know this thread has nothing to do with English, sorry..

10 Mar 2009      


Learning Mandarin in isolation is not going to be easy as when you learn the writing you have to know the stroke order.  I learned Chinese over 20 years ago and used a series of books by an author called de francis.  He or she had an excellent series that started with the most common words and characters and built up on these over a period of time.  But these characters were full characters and now China uses simplified and so I don īt know if the books have been rewritten to reflect this.
I wish you well, you will really have a challenge on your hands, but if you are able to find someone to help you, it is a beautiful īsing songy ī language with all the four tones.
Nothing to do with English, but never mind.  Zhu nin hao yun (Wish you good luck)

10 Mar 2009     


thanks Logos, I know it will be a challenge but that īs what I like and I will get to use it at some point so it īs an insentive
I will give it my best but if anyone knows of a simple method for kids to learn Mandarin I īd be grateful.

10 Mar 2009     

United Kingdom

They way us Orientals learn to write is the tried and tested - copy and repeat until you  remember the letter.

I īm actually Japanese, but I īve had Chinese friends too and we all had notebooks with squares (instead of lines) and just practiced over and over again until we got it right.

You can get kid īs books with the characters in a format you can trace as well. (But you will still need to follow up with copying and repeating).

This is speculation but I imagine there are national curriculum books. (There are in Japan). You might be better off talking to a Chinese parent who can recommend what their kids use :)

Hope this helps

10 Mar 2009     


There are some books on Amazon that might be helpful since they look like they are geared toward learning to write the language:


In fact this one is probably exactly what you are looking for:


10 Mar 2009