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help required for correcting sentences


help required for correcting sentences
Can anyone answer my queries about the following sentences, please?
can we say "I have realized that I really needed my computer" or only "I realized that I needed my computer" ?
- What is the difference between "My parents, who are 66, still work" and "My parents, who are 66, are still working" Which sentence is better ?
- can we say "Tom is currently working in Paris and earns much money" or only " Tom currently works in Paris and earns much money" ? Difference ?
- can we say "Marc is interested by science" or only " Marc is interested in science" ? If so, what is the difference ?
- and what is the difference between "science" and sciences" ? Can we say both in the previous sentence ?
Many Thanks in advance.

11 Apr 2018      

United States

Hi, Ali.
1. Both are correct, but with different meanings. As a general statement, you need to use the first one. You would only use "I realized that I needed my computer" if you are talking about an event in the past in which you came to this realization. "I have realized that I needed my computer" is making a statement about your current situation (of being aware now that you needed your computer at some time in the past).
2. Both are correct, and they are nearly the same in meaning. In general, the continuous/progressive tenses are used to emphasize that an event takes place over a period of time, rather than just giving a piece of information. When you say, "Tom is currently working in Paris", the hearer can get a sense of the process. The simple present version is just a statement of fact.
3. I wouldn īt use "by"
4. "Science" is a general term, encompassing Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Zoology, Astronomy, etc. "Sciences" is not often used, and is usually used as "the sciences", mostly to emphasize that the term "science" refers to a number of disciplines. "Sciences" often has an adjective associated with it, too, such as "the physical sciences" or "the biological sciences."

11 Apr 2018     


Thank you great explanation

15 Apr 2018