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Hello dear teachers,  I need your help please: 

I teach in a rural area, in a small school, the problem is my students are almost all very poor, and the town hasn īt got cybers, library, etc so the only resources students have are the ones I provide them. Also the can īt buy books or magazines or   to photocopy, I always make the photocopies for them and then I try to get some money to support this.
My questions is:
I īm starting classes and I want to revise some topics from last year. ( I teach students from 12 to 17)  name- age - countries - personal information, etc  the basic for my 7š-8š students.
 Could you suggest me some interesting readings or something you consider useful? 

I īll apreciate a lot your help! Thanks in advance!!!

10 Mar 2009      


Hi Cely,

I don īt know how useful thos could be, but here we go:
I just had a similar class about countries, so I printed pictures of the flags of some countries, one tourist attraction for each country and something famous about that country (kangaroos for Australia for example). And then I turned it into a game: I divided the class into 2 groups and one group would show the flag to the other group, If they weren īt able to guess the country, they would show the next clue: the famous tourist attraction and finally something famous about the country. It was a fun class and the students were able to broad their horizons about their knowledge of certain countries, since I decided to include countries like Afghanistan and Czech Republic.

Again, you would have to provide the material since they are not available to your students :)

Hope this might help. They īre lucky to have a concerned teacher as yourself!

10 Mar 2009     


hi, you could ask your students to draw some people from different continents,just like an art class. These people could be famous, their neighbours, their teachers, their classmates, or even they don īt exist. And then, ask students to write down some basic personal information under their drawing, such as name, age, countries where they are from, interests, occupations, spare-time activities, their major, their family members, even their pets. Then, at last, ask students to present and introduce their drawing.

10 Mar 2009     


Hi there! Here is one idea...

You could put two different pictures on the board (a boy and a girl) and ask students what kind of questions you could ask them when you meet them for the first time. This way you would revise the structures you want. To make it easier, you can add notes next to the pictures: Eg: Jennifer Smith, 18, Cambridge, England, Student, ...

Then, you could make some cards with new identities (Eg. name, age, country, job). Each student gets a card and a table with the name of the people who will be at "a party" they were all invited to.
Then they go round the class and introduce him/herself and take notes about the others (remember to say nice to meet you :).
You can then ask them to write complete sentences about the people thet met.
I have just sent a printable you can use.

Best regards,


10 Mar 2009     


Thanks a millon to all who gave me some ideas for my students!!

I īll try this next time, You helped me a lot!
 A big hug from Argentina!!

10 Mar 2009