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Please help me differ " inspiring" "inspirational" and " inspired"

15 May 2018      

United Kingdom

I would say that ´inspiring ´ is like ´interesting ´ and ´inspired ´ like ´interested ´. Seeing Meghan ´s mum walk her down the aisle will be very inspiring for many people. Many people will be inspired by that. So, the object is inspiring and you are/feel inspired. 
Inspirational  describes something and another similar word is ´motivational ´. The orator gave an inspirational speech.
Well, I ´ve had a go.... I ´m sure Les/Giorgi/ Bruce etc can do better. 

16 May 2018     


Cunliffe has given a good explanation. Here ´s my attempt:
Inspiring = which makes other people feel creative or motivated
Inspirational = similar to inspiring, with a sense of giving people a boost to do something.
What an inspirational speech!
What an inspiring example you are! 
Inspired = feeling very creative or motivated; influenced by a creative spirit
This fashion collection was inspired by spring flowers.
He gave an inspired performance (= very energetic and creative)
The sunny weather makes me feel inspired to go jogging. 

16 May 2018