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How comes it that nearly every day I find here worksheets comprising conversation questions that have been stolen from a very nice and popular site http://iteslj.org/questions/   ??? It just seems to me that this site is so good that a lot of "worksheet creators" Angry upload those ready-made sets of questions as their own ones Angry

To those pitiful "creators": if you don īt use your own ideas it is definitely stealing, especially since you don īt state clearly where those ideas come from. (-> it īs not to "sunnymoon", who has made references!!!)

To those who download this stolen stuff: don īt do it Smile You īd better visit http://iteslj.org/questions/ and download the questions for free. 

10 Mar 2009      


I really don īt understand why these people don īt give credits to the author by quoting the source. It īs sooooooooooo easy to do it!!!! Besides, you can avoid  future trouble if the real author complains.
I see your point dear Intra since it īs too annoying to see these people pretending to be the creators since they upload these worksheets without their source !!!!

11 Mar 2009