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United Kingdom

Dear Monique, (Karagozian),
THANK YOU for the compliment in choosing me as Winner of the Caption Competition.
Here´s my picture.
Now, submit your entries, please:
Humorous, grave;
Cowardly, brave;
Poetry, prose;
Joyous or woes;
Prove to the Forum
We don t need a quorum,
So, just let your pen
(Whether women or men),
Show us your style,
By raising a smile!
Les Douglas 

9 Jun 2018      

maryse pey

Son, it s time to put on your boots ! Pussy In Boots is waiting for you on stage for your rehearsing !

9 Jun 2018     


A HORSE and an ASS were babbling together, the Horse prancing along in its fine trappings, the Ass trying with difficulty to stand on its brand new fragile feet.  “Oh ! If only I could be as strong and big and bright as you are” sighed the Ass; “nothing to do and well fed.” "Nothing to do?" growled the horse; "I have to feed you and teach you how to behave on this silly, foolish, dumb, donkily, assy E ass L site."  Followed, a workshit battle, and the Horse was beaten in the final upload of the day. The tiny Ass, happened to pass by shortly afterwards and found him agonizing. “I was wrong,” said the tiny Ass.

10 Jun 2018     

United Kingdom

Have you see the farmer s matryoshka ponies?

10 Jun 2018     


Oh No !!!!!  Don t ask me who I have been messing around with again !!!!

10 Jun 2018     


A Horse and a Donkey! What a strange friendship, youll say? 
True friends dont judge each other... they enjoy being together!

10 Jun 2018     


Very creative!!! Your poetry is amazing. You have a great heart, Les!!!

10 Jun 2018     

United States

"Stop horsing around, you re making an ass of yourself."

11 Jun 2018     


Horse: Sweet heart! I am afraid I shrink the kid! 

11 Jun 2018     

United States

Dad, Am I a hinnny or a mule?

12 Jun 2018     


Let nobody change the way you see yourself.

12 Jun 2018     

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