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Which answer is correct?


Which answer is correct?
Hello dear colleagues!
Can anybody tell me which answer is correct? And why?

My English teacher ...... me to write a poem for the competition.

       A   motivated       B   elected     

       C   supported

Thank you very much for your help.

12 Jun 2018      

United States

elected me would indicate you were voted for by a number of people
supported ...for is not a good combination (she supported me in writing the poem)
At least that s how I see it.

13 Jun 2018     


Thank you very much. I wanted to give a better explanation to my student because he asked me why elected could not be the correct answer. 

13 Jun 2018     

United States

I agree with Douglas. If answer B were "selected" instead of "elected", it would be a good choice but, as the Germans say, "If the word if didn t exist, my father would be a millionaire".

13 Jun 2018     

United States

An election has to have multiple responses. "My *teachers* elected me to write a poem for the competition." is fine! One person, by themselves, cannot elect anyone for anything. If one person picks, then it is a "selection" or "decision". "My teacher selected me to write a poem...." "My teacher decided that I would write a poem...."

14 Jun 2018