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Hi everybody!
I know this is stolen but I can īt remember the site where I saw all these pictures before!
Can anybody help me and provide the link? Thanks


11 Mar 2009      


Hello ironda,
Unfortunatly I don īt know the site, but you can still report the printable to Victor if you want. I īve asked him if it is possible to report a worksheet if you don īt remember the website and he said it was. You just need to type something like "I īve seen this before" in the space provided for the link. If he know the original website, he will remove the printable.
I hope I could help a bit.

11 Mar 2009     


11 Mar 2009     

New Zealand

What is wrong with using pictures from the internet????  This person has placed them into a word document and added words.  Not very appealing or interesting use of a great set of resources - but still an original piece of work. 

I think the cow does complain to much.

11 Mar 2009     


I think Vickiii you are wright. How bad is it if you take a piece of writing like an article from a site or a newspaper and make it an activity??Or pictures as you said?

He took these pictures and created an activity!

11 Mar 2009     

New Zealand

Sorry but I have to agree... I have seen this before as well..  and it was set out exactly the same with the same labels. It looks like the author has just re typed out the real labels again underneath so that it doesn īt look completely scanned because the words are links in the original.
This sites pictures are also used in one of my favourite sites: http://iteslj.org/v/ei/body2.html
Where the link is given there.

So sorry everyone but this original poster is right. This is stolen.


11 Mar 2009