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ESL forum > Message board > Caption Contest 5th July 2018    

Caption Contest 5th July 2018


Caption Contest 5th July 2018
Maryse was kind enough to chose my silly caption as the winner of last caption contest.
So here is a new picture waiting for your utmost silly, witty or weird captions!
Good luck everyone!

Image result for weird funny pictures

5 Jul 2018      

maryse peyé

My name is Khale, Watt Khale.
Ma favorite food ? Some dogfish fat enough !
My mission - secret of course... - is to seduce Tiger Fish ´s daughter, the mermaid. Tiger Fish is the chief ot Oceanemy, a very dangerous country for our Seas !

5 Jul 2018     

United States

A rare picture of the orcat seen in the wild.

5 Jul 2018     

United Kingdom

Everyone thinks that this is a Catfish.
It is, in fact:
A Dogfin.
Les Douglas 

5 Jul 2018     

United Kingdom

Oh look, a cute black and white catamarine!

5 Jul 2018     


It was at that point Bob realised one can of tuna was never going to suffice

6 Jul 2018     

United States

"Resistance is futile, that octopus looks like a ball of string!"

6 Jul 2018     

United Kingdom

1) Oh look, a cute catflapper! 
2) Well, that cat looks a bit fishy to me. Tongue
3) Tibbins was always left at sea. I think the problem is no-one wants a kitty with a black mark under his chin, it just spoils the look. Yes, that must be the reason... 

7 Jul 2018     


This pic sends a shiver down my spine!

7 Jul 2018     

United States


7 Jul 2018     


Where?! Where is my dry food?

7 Jul 2018     

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