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ESL forum > Ask for help > Rap Karaoke?    

Rap Karaoke?


Rap Karaoke?
Here īs a weird question for you,
I use a lot of "Talking Flashcards" that I find on Youtube with my kids.  Those videos are very effective.  The problem is, they don īt always have what I want.
I thought of maybe using a rap karaoke and we can make up our own vocabualry chants, However, I couldn īt find anything and since I īm pretty ignorant about rap, I īm not getting anywhere.
Anyone have a clue where I could find a rap audio track with a simple beat?
Thanks so much,

6 Jul 2018      


Why donīt you ask your Music teacher or a local musician to record one for you? Any modern keyboard has some Rap Beats...
Or, try sth from the Net:

6 Jul 2018     

United Kingdom

Hi Esther,
I know this isn īt what is required, but I can īt resist sharing it. I used this with a group of disaffected 14 year olds who hated French but had to learn this verb - avoir - after three years of learning French, mind you! They could all recite it after a good dose of this. I loved it as much as they did 

6 Jul 2018     


Those are perfect Kohai!  Thank you a thousand times!
Lynne - that video is hilarious.  I can understand why your students responded to it.  I know that music really reaches my students. 

6 Jul 2018     

alien boy

Fluency MC may give you some ideas, too!

8 Jul 2018     



9 Jul 2018     


Yeah, I īve seen Fluency MC on Youtube.  Really fun!

9 Jul 2018